General Information

BBS Pottgraben is a vocational school/college offering a wide range of courses, full-time and part-time in three main areas: commerce (trade, logistics, tourism), ICT and health. We are located in Osnabrueck, the “city of peace” in the north-western German state of Lower Saxony. For more information on our city go to

Traditional German Model of Vocational Training

With more than 4,000 students and 150 teachers we are one of the biggest schools in our state. About 80 per cent of our students, however, attend our school just once or twice a week and do a traineeship in a company at the same time thus following the traditional German model of “Duale Berufsausbildung”, dual vocational training in which practical experience and theoretical instruction are offered by two different institutions (company and school). At the end of this period of training, there is an examination conducted by the Chamber of Commerce which gives the successful students a nationally-recognized professional qualification.

We offer this kind of training for the following career fields and jobs

  • retailing
  • wholesaling
  • warehousing
  • marketing office
  • communication
  • IT
  • event management
  • hospital administration
  • forwarding agents
  • travel agents
  • doctor’s assistants
  • dental assistants
  • veterinarian’s assistants
  • pharmaceutical assistants
  • In some of the above-mentioned areas, classes are highly specialized. In retailing for example we offer special classes for people working in fashion stores, supermarkets, book shops or car dealerships.

Full-Time Courses

The other 20 % of our students are enrolled in full-time courses running for one or two years. There is a lot to choose from in these courses, too, including the following:

  • a two-year training to become a trilingual management assistant for business and correspondence
  • a two-year training to become a management assistant for ICT
  • one- and two-year courses to obtain the entrance qualification for universities, polytechnics and/or universities for applied sciences
  • a one-year preparatory course for students who are planning to do a commercial training afterwards

Evening Classes

Most of our students are aged between 15 and 25. There are, however, mature students who either take part in one of the courses above or our evening classes, aimed at working people who intend to improve their vocational qualifications. These courses take place three evenings a week for three years.

Our Commitment

We want to prepare our students for life and work in an ever-changing globalized world as best as possible. For that reason we offer additional courses and certificates, promote our student’s mobility, carry out projects and work together with many different institutions, from the local economy to partner schools worldwide.

When our school was surveyed by the school inspection authority, we were praised for our school life that shows itself in many of our extra-curricular activities.

The Title of “Europaschule”

Many of these extra-curricular activities promote aims that are also promoted by the European Union. To name the most important of these:

  • We offer additional language courses, promoting multilingualism.
  • We are in contact with students from other nations, promoting intercultural learning.
  • We work with peer mediation, creating an atmosphere of peace and tolerance.
  • We participate in EU programmes to facilitate our students’ hands-on intercultural experience.
  • We invite politicians to our school to discuss current developments.

In recognition of our commitment we have been awarded the title of “Europaschule” by our school ministry.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in obtaining further information or if you would like to co-operate with us send an e-mail to

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